The community garden – now at Garradh Cholmcille (next to the Fire station in Falcarragh) has along history dating back to 2009 when Pobail le Chéile decided to try and develop people’s interest in the health and wellbeing benefits of gardening. 

This garden peoject was the first community garden supported by the HSE in the county, and we have been providing classes and skills workshops on growing your own food for the past 10 years.

The site at Garradh Cholmcille operates as both a shared allotment space and a community garden. the gate and polytunnel doors are always open and people are encouraged to come in, have a look and even sit a while and enjoy the peace and quiet.

We have just completed a series of Gardening Month classes and we will be planning some spring workshops for 2020. The group of local people who grow produce there will continue to plant and tend the garden throughout the autumn and winter. If you would like to learn more about the garden or give a hand ring Paul or Rosemary on 07491 80111 or text 0860841433

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Donegal Peace 4 Project Logo

The recent round of funding under the ‘PEACE IV’ programme saw Pobail le Chéile secure a grant to deliver a cross-community and cross-border community project exploring the shared (and different) traditions, stories and songs of the Protestant and Catholic communities and to include the changing faces of the New Donegal, with people from all over the world now living here.

The project is called 4Cs Derryveagh – the four ‘Cs’ standing for Cross Community Cultural Collaboration! The Derryveagh name is in recognition of the one thing everyone from Creeslough to Gortahork shares in common – the mountainous landscape from Muckish to Errigal – the Derryveagh Mountains. The grant will be of benefit to many local groups because the lead partner – Pobail le Chéile – will be looking for participants to attend story and song workshops, exchange memories of their changing lives here and also travel to Belfast to meet similar groups interested in history, culture and community.

During 2019 and the first half of 2020 Paul Kernan and the new PEACE IV project worker Tara Ní Gallchóir will be visiting groups and talking to people about the project and the plans we have to discover more about ourselves and our neighbours,  celebrate our similarities and differences and hopefully have some fun along the way!

If you would like to get involved in the project or find out more, email Paul at or ring him on 086 084 1433. We are looking for story-tellers, singers and memories of life as it changed through the years… The project covers the Derryveagh district – from Gortahork to Creeslough.

due to the COVID – 19 emergency the PEACE IV Project is suspended

More information will be posted as the situation develops

Phone: 0860841433

A number of local community groups and interested individuals have banded together and created the Derryveagh Community Health Forum, we meet regularly to discuss and act upon local health matters that will enhance the wellbeing of our community.

What we aim to do?

We aim to support, protect and improve the general health and wellbeing of our local community. This may involve pointing out gaps and inequalities, and demanding positive change.

What do we do?

Members of our Health Forum engage with the wider community, through local committees, action groups and organisations. We discuss issues and concerns and bring these to various state and health bodies to make progress and deal with problems. We link with our local clinicians (GPs, nurses, therapists and specialists) mainly through the Primary Care Teams – who meet every month in Derryveagh. But we can also organise health days, information events and special clinics and services that address specific needs – like Men’s Health Week, Carers Support or Mental health awareness.

Who can get involved?

Any local group or individual in the five districts of Creeslough, Portnablagh / Marble Hill / Dunfanaghy, Falcarragh and Gortahork who supports our ethos and is willing to get involved and is willing to use their skills, knowledge or experience to make Derryveagh a more inclusive, healthier & happier place to live and work is welcome!

Get active – get our community healthy

We meet each month and run a year long health and wellbeing programme with special days focusing on different issues like positive older age or young families and children, men’s health or breastfeeding support. If you would like to get involved just send and email to or call/text 0860841433. We also have a Facebook page Derryveagh Community Health Forum.

We are part of a wider county Donegal Community Health Network that meets three times a year, organises training & special events as well as its website and Facebook page ‘Donegal Community Health Network’.

Glo don Phobal – Community Voice is the regular free newsletter from Pobail el Chéile CDP. The Glór is a bi-lingual publication and welcomes editorial copy form other local groups and organisations who are working for the wider development of the Cloughaneely community.

The Glór is distributed free-of-charge though shops and community centres, the post offices, chemists and local businesses and via the internet – on this website and it can be emailed as a PDF file.

Glór don Phobal is publised bi-monthly and there are often ‘update editions’ released in the second month with more up-to-date information and news stories.

The ‘Glór’ is published by Pobail le Chéile CDP. Contact Paul the editor at, landline 07491 80112 and mobile 0860841433.

Social Prescribing is a way to access non-medical supports within the community to improve physical, emotional and mental well-being. Referrals are made to the Social Prescribing Coordinator in each Primary Care team area who then links people with local activities and services like the Men’s Shed, a walking group, a chair aerobics session or referral to a befriending service. Referrals can be made by the person themselves, friends, family or the Public health Nurse or GP.

Social Prescribing is an option for people over 18 years of age who are experiencing social exclusion or isolation; have symptoms of mild depression or anxiety; are frequent attendees at their GP’s, are recovering from major surgery, dealing with the onset of a life changing long term condition or have poor social supports. The benefits of Social Prescribing are positive emotional, cognitive and social outcomes and an increase in connectedness for people within their communities.

The Social Prescribing service is free, confidential and available to everyone 18 years and over. The Social Prescribing Coordinator in the Derryveagh area is Bernadette, 086 0766670.


Tá Grúpa Páistí Le Chéile ag toiseacht ar ais san Ionad Garradh Cholm Cille Déardaoin 29 Lúnasa 2019.

Páistí Le Chéile Parent and Toddler Group commencing again on Thursday 29th August 2019 from 10.30am-12noon. All welcome €2 per family. Volunteer-led with Eve and Melissa

Pobail le Chéile supports youth work. This is defined as non-formal educational work with young people. The World Health Organisation defines ‘Youth’ as between 12 and 25 years of age.
We have a CoderDojo – a weekly youth space for learning and developing coding skills that includes undertaking special projects as well as the weekly 2 hour developer sessions. The Dojo welcomes young people under 12 if they have a real interest in upgrading their coding skills.
Currently the Dojo meets every Wednesday 5-7pm although that might change in autumn 2019.
Youth Drop-in and YoutHouse/Teach na nÓg @ Garradh Cholmcille
We have a special dedicate space for youth activity – Garradh Cholmcille the small community centre just past the Fire Station. This centre is open Wednesday to Friday 3-6pm during the summer and provides a drop-in space, kitchen area for making snacks and a venue for youth activities.
Retro-Gaming- this takes place Wednesdays 4-5pm.
Trips, outings, special projects and in-school /out-of-school activities. We work closely with the staff and library in the local community school to offer a Coder Dojo during school lunch-times as well as special history, environmental and publishing projects as well as the now famous Staying Power project that introduces 3rd Year students to the possibilities and options in the world of work.
We are always keen to listen to ideas of young people themselves and to try and incorporate these into the work of the project.
Special Video and film making project – we will be running film/video skills workshops from 14th August – contact us at YoutHouse/Teach na nÓg – 086 0841433 or landline 07491 80111 for details.