Born in Co. Donegal, in 521 AD, Colmcille is one of Ireland’s most well-known historical figures.
But who was he? Why do we still remember him 1500 years later? You might be surprised to discover that he was much more than just a saint! For example, did you know that one of the earliest copyright infringement disputes in the world involved Colmcille, and led to a battle that resulted in around 3,000 casualties? Or that he once chased the Loch Ness Monster away after it had bitten a swimmer?

But what if Colmcille was around in 2021? What might he think of the world as we know it? How might his story have turned out? Would future generations still remember him?

How do you fancy taking his story out of the history books, and telling it yourself through a mobile app that you can carry around in your pocket, get your friends to download and share with your aunt in Australia?

The ‘Discovering Colmcille’ event is an interactive digital media workshop involving fact-finding, storytelling, digital design and ultimately the creation of an app, focusing on the main events of Colmcille’s life.

‘Discovering Colmcille’ will take place over Zoom as two separate workshops:

5th June 2021
Introductory session. The group gets to know one another and exchange what they already know (if anything – no previous knowledge required!) about Colmcille. Group discussion to collectively agree on the most important elements of Colmcille’s story, and how the finished app should look.

12th June 2021
Participants bring Colmcille’s story to life in their own words, captured and presented in a mobile app by cartoon versions of themselves, gaining an insight into what is involved in mobile application development.

Each participant will receive a download link to the finished app.

This event is brought to you by Pobail le Chéile Community Development Project and facilitated by John Antony Gallagher and Mel Bradley.


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