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Social Prescribing with Bernadette McFadden

Social Prescribing supports postive health and well-being by encouraging
people to get involved with community activities such as chair aerobics,
Men’s Shed, gardening groups etc. Taking up a new activity is a proven way
to reduce stress, anxiety and isola&on. People who take up Social Prescribing
feel happier, experience improved well being and visit their GP less oDen. You can access
the programme directly yourself or through a referral with your GP or other health
professional. You then meet with the Social Prescriber to discuss your needs to help you
find out what activities  interests you and what and attendance support you might need. There
is no cost to participating in the social Prescribing Programme but there may be a small cost attached to attending some of the activities. Contact Bernadette McFadden 086 076 6670

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