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Team Hope-Christmas Shoe boxes appeal at Siopa Pobail 

WHAT DO I DO? Get a shoebox and a leaflet from Siopa Pobail and wrap it with Christmas paper. Please wrap the box and the lid separately. Choose who you’d like to receive your gift-a boy or a girl, in one of three age groups: 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14 years of age. Cut the appropriate sticker from the leaflet and stick it to the lip of the box. Fill the box with appropriate gifts and include €4 in the envelope included in the leaflet and put inside the box. Your €4 goes towards the cost of transport.Sweets are fine but not chocolate as it melts. Your shoebox can turn another day in a child’s life into something very special, a day that they will remember for years to come. Christmas Shoeboxes can be dropped off at Siopa Pobail by November 3rd for collection by a Team Hope Representative. Bernice Alcorn will be giving a talk on the Christmas Shoebox Appeal at the YARD on Tuesday 17th October at 11.30am. Fáilte roimh achan nduine.

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