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Team Hope-Christmas Shoebox Appeal

WHAT DO I DO? Get a shoebox and a leaflet from Siopa Pobail and wrap it with Christmas paper. Please wrap the box and the lid separately. Choose who you’d like to receive your gift-a boy or a girl, in one of three age groups: 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14 years of age. Cut the appropriate sticker from the leaflet and stick it to the lip of the box. Fill the box with appropriate gifts and include €4 in the envelope included in the leaflet and put inside the box. Your €4 goes towards the cost of transport.Sweets are fine but not chocolate as it melts. Your shoebox can turn another day in a child’s life into something very special, a day that they will remember for years to come. Christmas Shoeboxes can be dropped off at Siopa Pobail by November 3rd for collection by a Team Hope Representative. Bernice Alcorn will be giving a talk on the Christmas Shoebox Appeal at the YARD on Tuesday 17th October at 11.30am. Fáilte roimh achan nduine. Your shoebox might seem small but it can change the world for the child who receives it

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